The Totalitarian Twenty

The American political campaign is in full swing leading up to the next Presidential Election, so I have been forced to go political, although my framework is still the Earth.  I am compelled to take up pen (keyboard) and state the positions herein because, for the past two decades or longer I have watched with dismay as my science has been systematically raped, twisted, ignored and made complicit in a series of out-and-out lies, all to serve a corrupt political end.  I can’t sit by and watch it any longer without pointing it out, saying it like it is, and calling out those who are the worst offenders of them all.  So, with apologies for those who come to The Terrane for some humorous perspectives on the natural world, I present:

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Mr. Obama

“Mom!!! He said he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. Make him believe or none of us will get anything for Christmas. Come on, Mom!!! Tell him the truth. Make him believe it.”

And now for something NOT completely different:


the most recent adult version of the same appeal to authority to uphold a fairy tale:

“President Obama!!!! Those other professors and scientists don’t agree with us about climate change. Make them agree with us or none of us will get any more government grant money.  Arrest them pursuant to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, and force them to agree with us. Either that, or shut them up by throwing them in a dark cell, which should scare anyone else from making similar statements which are inconvenient to us getting more money from …. Ummmm, Well from You, Dear Mr. President.”

Unfortunately, the second of those two petulant little rants is true.  On September 1, 2015, twenty university professors with a couple second rate government employees riding on their coattails, sent a letter to President Obama with a request that anyone who does not subscribe to the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis (AGW) should be prosecuted and punished pursuant to the provisions of RICO. That letter came hard on the heels of Vice President Joe Biden’s speech in Los Angeles, CA in which he said it is time to “end these debates” about climate change. Meanwhile, President Obama has also made statements too numerous to reiterate herein which collectively amount to a presidential veto on any question that his own version of the climate is unassailable.

In a Democracy, or its more refined counterpart, a Republic, there is always an opposition voice to any issue. That opposition has a fundamental right to state its position: openly, clearly, without fear of consequences. Within democracies, there are also laws which protect the rights of individual citizens unfortunate enough to be at the wrong end of a legal action (whether ultimately guilty or not) by ensuring they are represented and a plausible defense is considered and weighed by the courts. In both those cases, the very foundations of liberty are protected from the “Terrible Tyranny of the Majority” because they provide for two things:

  • the freedom to express any opinion, conviction, fact, or conclusion, and the countervailing ability to refute opinions, convictions, facts or conclusions espoused by anyone else, and along the same lines that public officials are likewise free to champion any issue on behalf of their constituents without fear of suppression;
  • that all opinions, convictions, conclusions and facts are considered by persons in official capacities of judgement (Judicial Branch of Government) or decision-making (Legislative and Executive Branches) before any ruling is made, before laws are passed or before regulations are promulgated.

America, the world’s greatest and longest-surviving experiment in self-government via a Republican form of representative government, has been the standard-bearer for nearly 250 years in the efforts to preserve and promote those principles. America, where murderers, terrorists and rapists are given their fair chance to present a defense against any accuser’s opinions or facts. America, where a guilty person can be set free if the strictest standards of justice and policing legalities have not been followed throughout every step up the adjudicatorial staircase. America, where even non-citizens have the same rights to have their say, to be heard and to be judged fairly.

There is no way to put this pleasantly, but by officially silencing opposition positions regarding the current administration’s position on climate change The Obama Administration has buggered the constitutional freedoms of the American public with a direct raping shot up the backside, and has established a totalitarian stranglehold on opposition within the Earth Sciences.  Although a hackneyed example at this point, don’t kid yourselves that this is in any way better than Lysenkoism in the old Soviet Union under Stalin.  It is EXACTLY the same with no exceptions or mitigating clauses.  Moreover, the consequences are just as dire.

The Obama Administration:

  • has violated the Constitutional provisions of free speech;
  • is guilty of the oppression of those holding opposing opinions, convictions, facts and conclusions;
  • has issued far reaching and oppressive regulations (laws) beyond the reach of your representative government;
  • is acting in a dictatorial manner;
  • has violated what it means to be American.

Obama has put himself in a position that he IS America, regardless of what anyone else says, and he will brook no opposition and does everything he can to circumvent any interference from Congress- YOUR elected representatives. He is already scheming of ways to keep Congress from reviewing his blind commitment to a climate accord in Paris in December, so YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANY SAY IN IT!

In other words, he is acting as if he were Emperor Obama.

The dictatorial persona and the totalitarian actions of Obama with regard to climate had emboldened the twenty academics and civil servants to the point that they thought they had discovered a clever way to hide the inadequacies of their so-called science.  They could eliminate the opposition in a Soviet manner by jailing the most vocal dissidents from their own silly doctrine and thereby put a chilling damper on anyone else brazen and stupid enough to raise an eyebrow against their narrow opinions, convictions and conclusions (Notice I left out facts, because they actually don’t have any). Obama had ensconced himself so deeply in the role of a despot that these petty little petitioners were confident that he would grant their grievance and incarcerate the naughty Americans who have had the temerity to exercise their constitutional rights to oppose any position, to voice their opinions, to expect their facts to be heard, to have their conclusions considered with equal weight with those of others and to enjoy those rights openly.

The behavior of the Totalitarian Twenty, as I like to call them (others call them the RICO 20) is rank, filthy, communistic, radical, Eco-Terrorism at its worse and it is condoned, although in this circumstance not acted on, by the Obama Administration.  It is pointless to muse how Obama would have responded if the audacity of the Totalitarian Twenty hadn’t gone “A Bridge Too Far” in the eco-radical left’s war against western civilization and caused a firestorm of outrage amongst even moderate free-speech advocates (such as some members of the press).

So, climate change is a topic about which official discussion is not allowed – unless it is to spread the word of the accepted positions and conclusions (Note that I left out ‘facts’ again). It’s exactly like religion – because it IS religion. You can spread the word about Jesus, or Mohammed, or Abraham, but you are not allowed to spread any other word to adherents which contradicts the received knowledge about those people and their teachings.

As Linus van Pelt (Peanuts character) observed very sagely: “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religiowelcomegreatpumpkin2 (1)n, politics and the Great Pumpkin.”  Linus was extraordinarily prescient those 50 or so years ago.

The issue of climate change is exactly all three of those taboo subjects rolled into a single, convenient sounding board of our times.

  1. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religion of eco-spiritualists who will not even listen to facts (HARD facts) which contradict their unsupported conclusions. I have tried to talk rationally with many, who have literally said to me: “I don’t want to hear it!” ;
  1. AGW is about nothing other than politics. You would have a hard time convincing me that President Obama, a clever man, does not know there are respected researchers who have conducted valid research which contradicts his endorsed brand of eco-cataclysm. The fact that he chooses to asseverate stupid things like “The climate is changing more rapidly than ever” when in fact it isn’t changing at all, and “sea levels are rising rapidly”, when he has been shown that it is not true, is proof enough that there is another agenda behind his policies and actions ande that other, hidden agenda is patently NOT about saving the Earth.
  1. AGW IS the Great Pumpkin. A ludicrous fairy tale, invented by some ideologues who were not religious in the manner of other religious persons, but who needed a higher cause in their lives. So they invented one. AGW and the Great Pumpkin stem from the same visceral need in some men’s souls to be part of something bigger than themselves but they don’t believe in any higher authority.  So they created a higher authority – Earth-Gaia, but in this circumstance, they actually BECOME the higher authority. Because they invented the religion, they establish the rules, which change continuously. They connived and, yes LIED, to achieve the political power to foist their narrow view onto others – nay, onto everyone, as the entire world is subject to their nonsense and will pay dearly if they ultimately succeed. They refuse to discuss FACTS, because their Great Pumpkin myth is wholly devoid of factual support.

Footnote: At this point I welcome anyone who wishes to refute the final point above to do so.  I defy any reader to produce ONE single piece of evidence which proves that CO2 drives global temperature and thereby causes measurable changes to the climate, and, most especially, causes disruption in normal weather patterns resulting in stronger and more frequent storms, droughts, rains, heat waves, cold snaps: You pick it, you prove it, and I will concede the point.  There is space at the end for comments. Put up your evidence there and it will be vetted – I will share it with the entire scientific community including AGW advocates and scientists of ALL leanings, disciplines and convictions. Let’s see your facts.   Come on – I have thrown down the gauntlet.

President Obama is as culpable in this latest debacle as the Totalitarian Twenty themselves, in the same manner that the Afghan Government was held accountable for the 9/11 terrorist attacks because they knowingly harbored those who actually perpetrated the acts. Obama’s violation of the American freedom to hold an opposition position, to voice that opinion, to be heard, and to have it considered before being required to fund the scheme of those who oppose your conclusions, set the stage and fostered a valid perception on the part of the Totalitarian Twenty that their request would be met with a tacit nod of the head and all would be well.

After years of being coy and dancing around the issue, I will lay my cards on the table.  The hypothesis of man-made climate change/global warming is a canard – a laughable farce.  It is support by NO (as in ZERO) data or observation and has no actual scientific credibility. It does not even qualify to be a science because it can not be tested and can not be falsified. ?T/he entire concept does not rise to the rank of a scientific theory – it is an unproven hypothesis. The people who peddle it and defend it viciously are either on a funding gravy train, are suffering from a massive disconnect between their computer models and the real world, in which the climate is steadfastly NOT changing, or are just plain devoid of common sense, despite many of them being cerebral enough to have earned advanced degrees (note that being educated has no correlation to having common sense).

The suggestion of the Totalitarian Twenty represents what most climate crusaders would like to have happen. They would like to see anyone who opposes them silenced because, as above, they have no substance to back up their rhetoric and as long as people continue to demand proof, they continue to attack the persona of their critics. They NEVER respond to the facts with counterpoint facts.  And I do mean NEVER.  They respond with ad hominem attacks because they have no facts of their own to attack the facts with.  If there WERE facts to back up their position that CO2 causes global warming and climate change, the unpersuaded majority of scientists would have been silenced long ago without coercion.  WHY? yuou might well ask.  Because we would have been persuaded that AGW apologists were correct and we would be AGW proponents now, too.  But we weren’t and haven’t been persuaded because there simply is no factual substance to cause a rational scientist to accept the untested, unscientific hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming climate change climate disruption.

The next time an AGW zealot tells you the Earth is in dire need of saving and that the only way to do it is to wreck civilization by eliminating the only sources of affordable, ready energy which makes the world you know possible, ask them nicely to provide the facts to back it up.  They will say things which are not facts, such as it’s getting hotter,  polar ice is melting, more frequent storms, sea level rising, more severe drought…. Each of those you can refute with just as much certainty as they mooted the point to begin with by stating that each is not true. Apart from the fact that those things actually are not happening, simply explain to you opponent that they misunderstood your question.  Tell them that, even though you can prove those things are not happening (see below), what you are asking them to explain is what evidence is there that CO2 has been the direct cause of those ostensible conditions (which actually are not happening). When they say it is a greenhouse gas, ask them whether they can cite ANY experiment conducted in the real world in which the results of proved a link between CO2 and temperature in the atmosphere. There have not been any, so they will not be able to do so.

You see, they are bankrupt coming and going. There is not one bit of observational evidence which has linked any change in global temperature, up or down with CO2, with one exception (see below). But even more than the fact that they have no evidence, the so-called symptoms of the problem (increasing sea levels, increased storms, droughts, etc) are not true – they are not occurring.  So, their story is unsupported and therefore, in scientific terms, an untested hypothesis.

The one instance in which temperature and CO2 have been linked is in the historic ice core records, but in that instance it has been shown conclusively that temperature changes cause changes in CO2 concentrations, not the other way around.  (Think cause and effect). So, it has been demonstrated, using real world data and observations, that there hypothetical causal link that CO2 causes temperature increases is just plain false.

Update:  The Totalitarian Twenty have now pulled the offensive Stalinist letter from their collective web sites. They have made pathetically lame excuses about how it was all just a big mistake and misunderstanding, and how they didn’t really inhale…. Oh, wait. That was a different obfuscating character from a different era. Well, you get the picture.

Update 2:  Congress has now decided to look into this issue, so stay tuned for more updates.



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