Hydraulic Fracturing

The most recent in a series of supposedly ecologically disastrous, self-inflected civilization-wrecking nightmares of western industrial society.

That hydraulic fracturing should be described in hyperbolic terms embedded in hyper-inflated rhetoric is no surprise. After all, this is a civilization which tied itself into knots about such non-issues as cholesterol in eggs, alar in apples, brain tumors from cell phone use and EM Radiation poisoning from high-tension electric transmission lines.

Hydraulic fracturing is not a new technique – it has been practiced since 1949. It’s use is widespread with hydraulic stimulations having been used for oil & gas wells on over One Million wells in 27 states and many countries. Counting multiple fracturing stages in each well, there have been approximately Two Million fracture stimulations.


3 thoughts on “Hydraulic Fracturing

  1. Fracking chemicals have recently been found in Pensylvania’s drinking water.

    1). To what level is this pollution measured?
    2). Was the drinking water tested to this level prior to fracking?
    3). What level of these pollutants is actually poisonous to humans and animals?
    4). Name the chemicals concerned.

    Before alarmist government action these questions,and others, must be answered.


  2. John
    It has not been established that hydraulic fracturing fluidconstituents were detected at all. So the extent to which the detection of one ubiquitous household compound was measured at an estimated concentration in one location out of six sampled in close proximity is – highly suspect with no confidence.

    Samples were not analyzed prior to well completions.

    The single compound detected in one well out of six using an experimental analytical method which is NOT approved for drinking water investigations is a common constituent in literally hundreds of household compounds so one cannot refer to it as “toxic” regardless of the concentration. But the concentration ‘detected’ were so low that an experimental unapproved method was necessary because nothing was detected using approved methods. So there is no confidence that the single compound was actually there.


  3. Thanks Tom.

    It perhaps shows that we are now very good at measuring to minute levels. But this does not help the “man in the street” who is reading the rubbish media hype written by peolpe who know zero about the subject.


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